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On arrival at Maumere with your flight, you will meet our guide and visit Ikat Weaving of Flores in Lepo Lorun Studio, Koka Beach and then directly escorted to Moni village for one night stay. Lunch will be providing in Lepo Lorun Ikat Weaving Studio in Maumere & dinner is included at Kelimutu Eco Lodge Restaurant. Welcome to Flores Island. We will start the tour from Maumere town to Labuan Bajo

Accommodation: Kelimutu Eco Lodge-Moni/similar


At 05.00 AM, we’ll drive up to Kelimutu Volcano to enjoy the beauty of three colored lakes. On the way to Kelimutu Lake, over the sunrise you can see the beauty of many wonderful flora and fauna such as Casuarina tree, Rosewood, Edelweiss, Porcupine, Wild Boar, and "Gerugiwa" birds that rarely seen on other place. The native people have a legend about Kelimutu Lake. They believed that Kelimutu is the reincarnation of their forefather's soul. The ceremony is held annually at three colored lakes to pay respect of their forefathers. Before heading to Ende town. we will return to the hotel for breakfast and some free time. You will check out from the hotel and continue our trip to Ende town. After lunch at the one of the authentic Flores cuisine restaurant we will stop at the Bung Karno-The First President of Republic of Indonesia Museum an extradition house during his years of exile in Ende. Ending the day with a visit to Ende beach, the beach has plenty of spectacular blue stones. We proceed to Riung. After check in at a hotel in Riung, our guide will escort you to the local restaurant for dinner.

Accommodation: Pondok SVD-Riung/simila


We start our 3rd day tour at 07.00 AM after guest check out from the hotel. Begin by driving up to port of Riung to start our tour of the “Seventeen Island”. The “Seventeen Island” Sea garden in Riung is located on of the north coast of the Flores Island and is known for its magnificen coral gardens. The “Seventeen Island” Sea garden is an untouched underwater paradise. The blue waters envelop clusters of paradisiacal atolls provides a quiet and peaceful surroundings for multitude of colorful fish. There are 24th islands in total, with plenty of idyllic white sand beaches for swimming, and a multitude of coral species and sea creatures waiting to be explored.

Riung Bay has a dry climate and exotic sea life. The beaches and mangrove forests shelter sea creatures like prawns and crabs, as well as monkeys and bats. After spending memorable time at the sea garden with lunch provided and snorkeling for half day, we’ll continue our trip to Bajawa. We’ll stop at Mengeruda hot spring to enjoy the warm fresh water. Hot spring river located under the shade of coconut trees. The spring water is believed to have curative effect for those suffering from skin conditions. Bajawa town is our last stop for the day, dinner will be provided and check in at a hotel follows.

Accommodation: Edelweis Hotel-Bajawa/similar


Breakfast at hotel. Explore traditional village of Bajawa tribes. Visit Bena - a megalithic village where people do preserve their ancestral spirits believed and way of life which can be seen in their "Ngadhu" is an anthropomorphic umbrella-like pole and "Bhaga" is a small hut with a thatched roof - conical thatched roof huts symbolized their Male and Female ancestral spirits. With its impressive stone formations and ancestral shrines, as well as traditional houses, Bena has turned into a signpost for Ngada culture. On the way you will stop on the slope of Inerie active volcano for taking pictures. After that Continue overland drive to Ruteng - a cool and small town as the capital city of Manggarai Regency where major Manggarainese tribe dwelt. Stops will be made according to local happening includes Aimere to witness the locals making liquor from palm wine juice. When driving into Ruteng you will certainly notice the red chapels of the Ruteng Cathedral, standing proudly in the town’s central. On arrival direct check into Hotel Sinda. Afternoon visiting Rutengpuu – Manggarainese traditional village to see their unique slander-shaped houses and be with local people. The traditional village of Ruteng Pu’u, located 4km from Ruteng, is one of the most popular places to see the traditional compang, a round, stone platform surrounded by a circle of stones and traditional houses. The compang is the center of traditional ceremonies and rituals, e.g. for sacrificial offerings. An impressive waringin tree (Ficus Benjamina), locally known as a ‘rutang’, once grew in the center of the compang. It is now replaced by a dadap tree. On the east side of the compang, there are two tall traditional houses with spiked roofs

Accommodation: Sinda Hotel-Labuan Bajo/similar


Breakfast at hotel. Drive overland to Labuan Bajo - the Western tip of Flores Island. On the way stops at Cancar to see the rice field that form like “spider web” and dry hills as the background. Several stops will be made according to local happenings. Labuan Bajo is a little town inhabited by fishermen, lies at the extreme western part of Flores. The town serves as a jumping-off point for the trip to Komodo and nearby islands. On arrival direct transfer to harbour for slowly cruise to nearby Island. Cruise to rinca Island. Lunch on board, about 2 ½ hours sail to Rinca, the island of Komodo Dragon, start your trekking, walking through the typical dry forest to explore the Island of Komodo dragon, you will find not just the Dragons but also many wild animals like, deer, wild buffalo, long-tailed macaque and wild pig also numerous of birds.  A local ranger will lead you through this natural preservation. Dinner and overnight on board. Kalong (Pulau means Island, Kalong means bats) to see thousands. In the late afternoon bats will be flying out from their nest. Lunch on board. Overnight and dinner on boat.

Accommodation: Cabin Boat AC /similar


Next morning we will sailing to Padar island, the third largest island in Komodo National Park. It is located in the south central of the park between Komodo and Rinca island. The island is one of the best charming spot of trekking. Those who love photographic this is perhaps the best place for spectacular photos.

After that we sailing to Komodo Island to get off to start trekking and walk through the typical dry forest to explore the island of the Komodo dragons. We will find not just the Dragons but many wild animals such as  Timor deer, wild buffalo, long-tailed macaque and wild boars and numerous of birds. We may be lucky and see the young Komodo dragons on the trees. After exploring Komodo island we will visit Pink beach for snorkelling to see amazing underwater life and stunning panoramic surrounding area. Activity: Trekking. Overnight on the boat.


The perfect morning will wake you-up with a beautiful sunrise offer you a unforgettable moment, hot coffee / tea make your morning to be a perfect one, then our boat will take you to Manta Point, where you can do snorkelling to see manta ray. After spending time here, we will take you up to Kanawa Island that will take around 1 hour by slow boat. On arrival at Kanawa Island, you will do snorkelling around the shallow water here. Or you can swim to the beach. After spending time her we will sailing back to main port of Labuan Bajo then proceed to Labuan Bajo Airport for departure to Bali.


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